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The Stubby Truck - MK1 - (Aka. Stubby) is designed for long distance skateboarding (and is ideal for pumping). It is precision CNC machined out of 7075-T6 aluminium alloy (used for aerospace), and offers an enormous range of adjustable features that gives users versatility to truly set-up their trucks to personal preference:


  • Baseplate angle adjustment: Possible angle adjustment of 135°. 0°-90° in one direction and 0°-45° in the inverse direction. Markings on the adjustable base provide an indication of angle set, starting at 0° in the centre marked with a cross, and spread either side depicting 15° separations. This in turn enables these trucks to be incredibly versatile, and offers the possibility for these to be used as both front and rear trucks, with adjustments being possible without the need of removing the truck.


  • Adjust the axle offset: The Stubby truck offers the ability to adjust the axle rake in 4 different positions, 2 raked positions and 2 rakeless positions. (The rake offset is enormous at 14mm.) 


  • Adjustable axle length: The axle length allows for a 4mm adjustment of the wheel position with the provision of a 4mm spacer (or combination of spacers with a maximum adjustment of 5mm).  


The Trucks are supplied with 8mm Axles, Kingpin & Nut, M10 socket cap screws made from Grade 5 Titanium (6al-4v).

As of March 2023, all Stubby Trucks are now being supplied with EOS Precision Flat Washers


The Pivot of the truck utilises a spherical bearing. 

The Hanger offers a simple push fit interface that enables an easy interchange between spherical bearing, or Riptide WFB Kore Bushings (Front Truck Configuration: 88a and Rear Truck Configuration: 93a)  


Price: £500 + shipping cost. 


(The first run will be a limited run of 75 trucks. Once this limit has been reached there will be the option to place pre-orders for the proceeding run. With each truck you will receive a bonus special gift in commemoration of this being the first run.)


(All parts are bead finished 120, and hard anodized type III). 

The Stubby Truck - MK1 - Pair



    • Adjustable axle that allows both inline and offset axles positioning.
    • 146mm hanger body with a 42mm axle length (inc. hex fastener) and 4mm axle length adjustment with the provisioned spacers.
    • Spherical bearing, or Riptide WFB Kore Bushings (Front Truck Configuration: 88 and Rear Truck Configuration: 93) 
    • Titanium axles.



    • Adjustable axle offset by 14mm and can be set in 4 different positions that enable choice of inline or offset. 



    Stubby trucks come in two configurations, Front and Rear; and based on an average rider weight of 72Kg.   

    (Bushing configuration can be altered by request based on rider specification and weight. - For more information on bushing configurations and specification please visit our Supports page.) 

    • Front Truck Configuration: RipTide APS 0.6″ Barrel bushings 80a - Orange - RS (Road side) + Riptide APS 0.6″ FatCone 85a - LFW Blue - BS (Board side)
    • Rear Truck Configuration: RipTide APS 0.6″ Barrel bushings 90a - Yellow - RS (Road side) + Riptide APS 0.6″ FatCone 90a - Yellow - BS (Board side)


    Fixing / Hardware:

    • Axles, Kingpin and counterpart nut, and M10 socket cap screws are made from Grade 5 Titanium (6al-4v).
    • 10/32" socket cap screws and corresponding nuts, alongside M8 axle nuts are made from Steel.
    • 4mm Axle spacers Aluminium.
    • EOS Precision Flat Washers.
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