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Kenton Cocker

“This year marks my debut into the world of endurance training. A Croupier by trade, I take on races by going all in and seeing how far it takes me. As one of the most aggressive pumpers in the land, you can rest assured that if stubby products can survive my heavy riding, they can survive anything. I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest version of the Stubby Trucks in the coming weeks and putting them through their paces. Let’s win some races!”

Kenton Cocker, Nov 2022.

Photograph by: Andre Abtmeyer Photography


We are proud to announce Kenton Cocker as Stubby Precision Trucks first official team rider.


Kenton is an extremely proficient rider that brings with him tenacity and drive when he rides. Following his incredible debut at this years Dutch Ultraskate 2022, he has gained another level of determination and a thirst to take LDP to new heights.

With Kenton riding our Stubby Trucks alongside a range of our other gear that is in development we hope to take him to heights never seen before in the world of Skateboarding and our discipline of Long Distance Pumping & Pushing.

We look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring.

‘Welcome Kenton Cocker to the Team!’

(Read more about Kenton on Facebook & @stubbyprecisiontrucks

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