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Hi I am Pierre-Edouard Duedal, the Founder and Designer of Stubby Trucks. 

I am a designer & maker who has always made things from a young age, and since the moment I set my eyes on my first skateboard I have loved skateboarding. In recent years, my attention has turned towards LDP (Long Distance Pumping / Pushing Skateboarding).

Photograph by: Andre Abtmeyer Photography

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The story of how Stubby Trucks came to be.

Along my journey I found LDP to be a mystic discipline of skateboarding / longboarding that was difficult to grasp and it became an expensive exploration. Finally, after a lot of riding and a lot of expensive purchases from the few available brands I had finally setup a board that I could pump. But whilst riding, and following many conversations with various boarders I concluded LDP needed to be more accessible. 

At the end of 2021 I got to work designing & developing a truck I believed could bring LDP to new heights, that Longboarders all over the world would love; and a brand that could make this beautiful and unique sport more accessible. 

Finally, by the spring/summer of 2022 I had my first functioning prototypes that showed incredible promise. The trucks continued to evolve till their final iteration now with the MK1's. However, I am always listening to recommendations and furthering development of The Stubby Truck, alongside a range of our products. 


Our trucks are precision CNC machined trucks made from 7075-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum and our hardware is almost all Titanium Grade 5 (6AV-4AL) - (KP, Axles, Nuts, and Hanger Bolts) to provide our customers with beautiful high performance trucks.


We strive to provide the best and highest quality gear for LDP (Long Distance Pumping) to ensure you get pumping to the fullest. 

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