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EOS Precision Flat Washers: High quality, precision machined washers finished with a laser etched Logo “ Evolution of Speed” – Designed to help remove any slop from your bushings. Add these sturdy washers into your truck recipe to add some stability and spice. The tight tolerances ensure a snug fitment and a dialled feeling of complete control. - By NewtonsShred UK.



Sold as a pair - (Two Precision Washers Supplied) and a Sticker. (Enough for a set of Trucks)


Washers are typically used in two ways within a truck:


1 - One or two washers can be placed on the RS (road-side) bushing, connecting to the kingpin, to offer the bushing a bedding / support, and offer greater distribution of forces from the kingpin nut through to the bushing and the subsequent hanger. 


2 - Washers can also be placed under the BS (board-side) bushing to both distribute forces and bushing compression more evenly on narrower baseplates, alongside increasing bushing height to alter bushing compression, response and handling, alongside the hangers neutral position. 


These EOS Precision Flat Washers are intended for use 1.


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EOS Precision Flat Washers

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