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Probably the most adjustable truck in the world.

In pursuit to make a better truck we designed what is probably the worlds most adjustable and adaptable truck. Capable of being adapted to almost any ride style, this design is like having 100+ trucks in 1.


The Stubby MK1 Claw Proto.

The Stubby MK1 truck is an extremely unique truck, and there is no other truck on the market as adjustable and diverse, and its attachment 'Claw' is just as unique.


The Stubby Reinforcements for the DT 45-55° Poppy

Like all LDP trucks, king pin breakages are a common occurrence (at the 200-300 mile mark of riding). In responses to this common issue, we at Stubby Trucks have designed a KP reinforcement for the Dont Trip Poppy (45° & 55° baseplate) that supports the KP to reduce stresses and enable an extended lifespan of your kingpin.

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