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The Stubby Claw Proto is a front bracket & modular accessory for the Stubby MK1 truck, designed for long distance skateboarding (and is ideal for pumping). For the best ride experience we highly recommend using this bracket in the front and pairing it with our upcoming rear bracket (more information will be coming soon), or a 'tail' from our list of recommended brands: Super Steady Skates (SSS) S-Tail, Exile Insania, Dont Trip Skateboards Delirium, GBomb Torsion tails or adjustable brackets (paired with the Stubby MK1, whilst somewhat overkill on the adjustability, we have found pump efficiency extremely good), or Black Dog 'ZDT'.   


The Stubby MK1 truck is an extremely unique truck, and there is no other truck on the market as adjustable and diverse, and the 'Claw' is just as unique. No other bracket on the market allows for a direct mounting of the truck to a bracket with the removal of the truck's baseplate, nor offers so many adjustable features that can accommodate so many different riding styles and requirements. The Claw is precision CNC machined out of a single block of 7075-T6 aluminium alloy (used for aerospace), and offers a lowered ride position, allows for a weight reduction in components used in setup alongside tool required for adjustments and fine tuning, excellent leverage and turn handling in LDP when used as a front bracket, and overall offers a beautifully consolidated and elegant finish to your bracket LDP setup. 


The Stubby Claw Proto is available on its own (for those who already own the Stubby MK1 truck), or as a complete front setup (which includes the Stubby MK1 truck).


The Stubby MK1 is the most adjustable truck on the market offering:


  • Baseplate angle adjustment: Possible angle adjustment of 135°. 0°-90° in one direction and 0°-45° in the inverse direction. Markings on the adjustable base provide an indication of angle set, starting at 0° in the centre marked with a cross, and spread either side depicting 15° separations. This in turn enables these trucks to be incredibly versatile, and offers the possibility for these to be used as both front and rear trucks, with adjustments being possible without the need of removing the truck.

  • Adjust the axle offset: The Stubby truck offers the ability to adjust the axle rake in 4 different positions, 2 raked positions and 2 rakeless positions. (The rake offset is enormous at 14mm.) Moreover, there is now a 5th axle position made possible with the soon upcoming 'Shorty' axles.

  • Adjustable axle length: The axle length allows for a 4mm adjustment of the wheel position with the provision of a 4mm spacer (or combination of spacers with a maximum adjustment of 5mm).  

  • The Trucks are supplied with 8mm Axles, Kingpin & Nut, M10 socket cap screws made from Grade 5 Titanium (6al-4v). And as of March 2023, all Stubby Trucks are supplied with EOS Precision Flat Washers. 


The Pivot of the truck utilises a spherical bearing. 

The Hanger offers a simple push fit interface that enables an easy interchange between spherical bearing, or Riptide WFB Kore Bushings.  



  • The Claw on its own: £155

  • The Claw with a Stubby MK1 Truck: £400


(Please note there is currently only a limited number available. Once this limit has been reached there will be the option to place pre-orders for the proceeding run. With each truck you will receive a bonus special gift in commemoration of this being the first run.)

(Moreover, please note some of the 'Claws' have been engraved with the Stubby logo, and some have been left blank for visual experimentation, but both look great. Furthermore, this run has been left unfinished or treated to allow customers to easier self anodize their Claw in their own chosen colour).

The Stubby Claw Proto

  • Please refer to our 'Store policies' page.

  • It's simple. You place your order. Complete payment using one of the available payment methods offered. You'll receive an invoice with confirmation of payment by email, and we'll send you confirmation when your order has been dispatched. Then it's just a case of thinking of something to do until your trucks arrive. 


    • We now include as standard with all International shipments courier cover of upto £450. 
    • Furthermore, please note that whilst we do not usually alter the shipping courier used; specified in the shipping options, we may on occasion utilise alternative couriers then initially specified if better value is identified for the customer, whether through greater shipping insurance cover, or faster delivery time. 
    • If you have any specific shipping requirements, please include within the order notes. Or alternatively, send us a message via the Contact us page, or email at
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