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0.6" Longboard APS Barrel Bushings



APS Barrel Longboard Bushings are sold as a Pair with a sticker and No Washers are included. 


Bushing Height: 0.6" - Bushing Diameter: 0.98"


The APS compound is very lively, which offers high rebound with lots of control and lean. This formula does not change much when you tighten the kingpin nut past snug (meaning you are no longer able to rotate the bushing by hand).


Keep in mind that the rounded edge goes towards the hanger of the skateboard truck and fits snugly into the bushing seat.


- APS Formula - Longboard Barrel:

Don't be afraid to mix and match a softer durometer bushing into the Road-Side (Top) position with a harder durometer in the Board-Side (Bottom) position. This can provide additional stability while still allowing for some carve. 


- Very Hard durometer bushings (97.5a) are typically for heavier riders or for riders looking for a very tight setup.

- Hard durometer bushings (95a - 92.5a) are for average weight riders and allow for a nice tight set-up with very little wobble.

- Medium durometer bushings (90a - 85a) are for medium weight riders & for those looking for a bit looser setup than the hard.

- Soft durometer bushings (80a - 75a) are for light-weight riders & those looking for a loose setup.

- Very Soft durometer bushings (70a - 60a) are designed for very light-weight or young riders but are also useful for those looking for a super loose setup (slalom).


Need some help? Head on over to our Supports page, or alternatively check out Riptide Bushings:


Riptide APS 0.6" Barrel Bushing

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