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Welcome to the DT.P (55° Baseplate) KingPin Reinforcements - Proto MK1.


The DT.P Truck (Dont Trip Skateboards - Poppy) is an extremely popular truck within the LDP community due to it performance and now cult status. However, like all LDP trucks king pin breakages are a common occurance (at the 200-300 mile mark of riding) due to the high levels of dynamic stress exerted on the KP as a result of the oscillating and gyrating motion produced from pumping. As a result KPs subsequently reach and surpass their point of elasticity and eventually shear (break).


In responses to this common issue, we at Stubby Trucks have designed a KP reinforment for the Dont Trip Poppy (55° baseplate) that supports the KP to reduce stresses and enable an extended lifespan of your kingpin.


This Proto MK1 is a prototype now in its final testing phase and is available to order.

The first run will be limited to 100.

DT.P (55° Baseplate) KingPin Reinforcements - Proto MK1

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